Flash and Fire Point

CV Wijaya menjual Flash and Fire Point untuk kebutuhan alat laboratorium teknik sipil anda. Segera hubungi kami untuk detail, surat penawaran atau pemesanan.

BI-200A Flash and Fire Point
by Clevelend Open Cup

For determining flash and fire point by cleveland open cup for petroleum product and other liquids, expect fuel oils and materials having an open flash point below 79 C ( 173 F) as determined by cleveland open cup tester
BI-201 Flash Cup Brass, insulation handle 1 Pc
BI-202A Cleveland Electric Electric, 220 V-AC, heating speed control 1 Set
GE-648 Thermometer ASTM 11 C, 6 to 400oC 1 Pc

Also required, but not part of this set : GE-363 Mixing Bowl

Dimension ( l x w x h) : 100 x 50 x 50 cm
Gross Weight : 20 kg