Drying Oven


CV Wijaya menjual drying oven untuk kebutuhan alat laboratorium teknik sipil anda. Segera hubungi kami untuk detail, surat penawaran atau pemesanan.

Specification :
obtain 40° C constant use single element heater of 2, 500 Watt
120° C constant use double element heater of 2, 500 Watts.
Blower Motor
1 HP / 0.75 Kw, 110 – 220V, 50 Hz, 4 Pole
Control Panel
Provided with setting timmer for 24 hours, setting temperature
from room temperature up to 200° C.
Overtemperature Protection
Thermoregulated heating device digital thermostat provide with
setting timmer for 24 hours setup.
Texture interior : steel plate
Texture exterior : steel plate cassing
Double wall contain glass wool
8 rack standing pans ,
Four iron wheel for easy moving.
Overall dimension : 120 L x 110 W x 220 H